Enterprise Information Management with SQL Server 2012

I recorded 3 videos that demonstrate Microsoft technologies working with Melissa Data to address what a recent survey calls the “greatest barrier to adopting analytics or BI products enterprise-wide.” They all follow the same customer data set, showing how to build a process that corrects and standardizes customer data, integrating it with ERPs and MDM systems, and augmenting the data with master data. Together, they show how to create a business process to enable data governance.

The first explains Microsoft’s 3 Enterprise Information Management (EIM) technologies and how they work together. Then I demo Data Quality Services (DQS) working with Melissa Data to correct and standardize address and other data.

Enterprise Information Management: Intro and DQS (1 of 3) from Mark Gschwind

The second takes it a step further, showing how DQS cleansing and matching can be performed using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). It also shows a how to integrate the data flow with Master Data Services (MDS) within a typical workflow.

The third continues where the second left off, augmenting the customer data with master data using Master Data Services (MDS), Microsoft’s MDM tool. I discuss the architecture of the technology before demo’ing how to add master data with validations and workflow notifications.